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Touching story My name is Timothy and I am 29years old. After I had a very terrible teenage years, I never gave up. I understand that my parents didn't have enough for me in order to enjoy my teenage hood but I never got worried about that. in fact they are the best parents ever on earth. Although I lost my dad to a fatal accident so early, my mom couldn't focus much on herself because of that loss but to God be the glory, we managed to subdue the pains. After several years gone by, I told my mom that I want to stop my school so I could get a job or handwork in order to train my younger ones and provide for the family. my mom was short of words, she couldn't make any words until I left the room. Months gone by, I have almost mastered a mechanic work. I provided for my family, and even sent my younger ones to school. Things became very light for me because I could see the laughter and smiles on my mom's face again. After several Years past, my mom called me and told me that, its high time I married. I was very shock because I wanted to train my younger ones until they finish their secondary school and try to further their education in their university but my mom said I should get married that, I could still be able to train them. After lots of reasonings, I decided to search for a wife. Although I have mastered the work for over four years and by God's grace I secured a position where I could do my own mechanic work. Five years past, I met a lady called Angela, although she isn't a graduate but she was eager to go to school because she told her late dad the she will be a lawyer someday. After we discuss for a long time, we exchanged contacts and became very good friends. As time passes by, we became to love each other, so I had no other choice than to make her dream cone through. By God's grace she got admitted to ABSU, where she is studying her law. after two years of study, she couldn't wait to come and see my family. Even to the extent she almost wanted to come that day she finished her exams. After I told her not to be in a haste, that everyone is waiting for her arrival. It was a very big load for me. My younger brother in Futo studying Chemical Engineering while my younger sister in fedpoly Nekede studying business administration. It wasnt easy. Almost every month, I know how much have to send for them all. After four days, my Angela called me on phone telling that she would be coming that day, I couldn't wait for her arrival. Three hours time I called her and she told me that she is almost close to my place. I should give her like twenty or thirty minutes, she'd be there. I said no problem just be safe. One hour later, I received her call but it wasn't Angela speaking, the nan that called me with her phone told me to come to God's care hospital quickly. I was about confirming what happened, he switched the phone off. I quickly left the work I was doing and rushed down to the hospital. Behold I was hearing different kinds of shouts, yelling in pains. The voices was very much till I almost ran out of the hospital. While I was still searching, the doctor called me and asked me if I have any body on the bus that had a terrible accident along Aba road. I said I don't know yet but someone called me here with my girlfriends number. After every verification, the doctor took me to a room. when I got there, I saw my Angela on the bed, she wasn't moving, wasn't speaking and she was breathing slowly. I shouted her name but she could hear or make a move. The doctor told me that she lost lots of blood that by God's grace she will survive it. I fell on the floor crying like a child, because her condition is too heavy for her to bear.. I don't know what else to do than to pray to God for her not to die. I don't want her to die with her dream of becoming a lawyer to die with her. Please friends pray for Angela, please.. Dear Timothy, the lord is the tree of life, Angela will not die because the lord is on her side. Any destiny destroyer that wants to take away her destiny by accident shall be destroyed in Jesus name. By this time next week, Angela will walk uprightly again in the mighty name of Jesus Please friends, type amen and share this post to reach other people, and if you believe God can!!!

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