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With Photos: Five men who died for Love

Four men who died for Love

In the days of the Old, Samson in the bible was the first person who reportedly died for love due to Delilah's betrayal. Regardless of what she did to Samson, Men still lead the number of people who had died out of the love and a couple of days ago, it

Five early symptoms of Lung cancer – Number 3 is common

According to deep research, people who smoke are likely to experience cancer of the lungs and its common symptom is the "pain in the chest" or "trouble breathing". In the early stages of the lung cancer, the symptoms may not show and many infected patients won't be diagnosed until the disease

5 unique reasons why you are bedwetting

5 unique reasons why you are bedwetting

Bedwetting can be defined as the loss of bladder control during your sleep. Medically, it can be called "Nocturnal (Night-time) Euresis.  Have you been bedwetting and you really want to know the reasons why you do so? It is okay to bedwetting, only if you are a child, less than four years