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Three reasons why an enemy has been underrated

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A couple of people would define an enemy as “someone who harms or weakens someone else” while others may say, “an enemy is a person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.”

Another class of people would define an enemy as, “someone who doesn’t love the things you do or say.” All the definitions are correct but what if I say, “an enemy is a friend to be if he arrived at the right time.” Could I be wrong? We shall see.

According to Abraham Lincoln, he said, “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?” This quote from the former president of United States of America revealed that an enemy could be friends again or could have been turned into friends before turning out to be enemies.

You destroy your enemies when you make them your friends
You destroy your enemies when you make them your friends

To be honest, no one designed himself to be an enemy of someone else. This enmity occurred due to lack of communication.

Abraham Lincoln also said, “I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.” He was trying to let people understand that “communication” leads people away from enmity.

You think understanding would help swift things? Yes, of course. Good communication brings understanding.

Even Andrew Smith said, “People fear what they do not understand and hate what they can’t conquer.” How can you hate what you can defeat? How can you be scared of what you really know so well?

Upon these quotes mentioned above, the key point of this content is “communication” and with a good communication, I think no one will be scared of anyone.

People hate what they can not conquer
People hate what they can not conquer

Now, what if you have already made someone your enemy and it turned out that you guys were not supposed to be apart due to the benefits you both should have been getting?

Life is like a puzzle, every brick has its perfect place to fit in and if you picked the wrong brick, you automatically hated it because it blocked the space where other bricks would have fit in.

The statement above may lead you out of the title of this article but many would be glad I wrote those things at the top.

With the ideas above, below are the reasons why an enemy has been underrated.

  1. They can’t be trustworthy for the second time. To some people, an enemy can never be trustworthy but the truth is, they can.
  2. They always want you at the bottom. Remember, without an enemy (competitor), you won’t be stronger.
  3. They can’t be a friend to your friends. It is true that a friend is someone who has the same enemy as you do. But in this case, your enemy can still turn out to be a friend to one, two or three of your friends.
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