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Five unique things you cannot do in the dream if you have not done them in reality

Five unique things you cannot do in the dream if you have not done it in reality
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According to Philosophy, a being who has not done a certain thing on Earth cannot do that such thing in the dream world.

What is a dream? A dream is a series of images (reflection), thoughts, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.

Philosophy understands that God can communicate with man through dreams and can show a man, which is to come through dreams.

Apart from that, there are a couple of things a human being cannot do in the dream because they have not done such a thing in the reality or life.

Philosophy believes that, if a man hasn’t killed in reality, he is not capable of taking such action during his dreams, unless otherwise.

Five Unique things people cannot do in a dream if they have not done such in reality

1. You cannot have sex in a dream: A virgin is someone who has not experienced sex in any way at all. One may have an action of sex in dreams, it may lead to the removal of clothes, but take a critical attention to the dream, you’d notice that the sexual intercourse was not really practised. Ask a virgin, you’d understand.

2. You can’t kill in the dream if you are not a murderer: I understand that your prayers have been a guidance in your dreams. You might get attacked by gunmen in your dream and out of self-defence, you killed them all. Believe me, those people aren’t existing. If you doubt this, check, have you murdered a familiar face in your dream before? No! Because you are not a murderer.

3. You can’t be blind, deaf or dump in the dream: Philosophy understands that one may get attacked by black powers during a dream. Apart from including any supernatural cause (because there is not proof of that) no man on Earth can be deaf, blind or dump in the dream. Ask yourself how many times you have experienced it.

4. You are immortal: You can’t die in the dream. I don’t expect to explain this because no one has experienced himself died in the dream. I understand people may get gun bullets fired at them but none will touch them. That is supernatural because it shows God’s guidance in your life. Upon that, you can’t get the action or pain from those bullets, that shows that the bullets were diverted out from your place.

5. You cannot see the kingdom of heaven or hell: Yes, I hear too, that people fall asleep and was taken to hell to see how sinners suffer. Have you asked yourself why you haven’t been taken to heaven to see how righteous people enjoy there? Unless God took you there for a reason, no one can be raptured in the dream, into hell fire or heaven because you have not been raptured on Earth before.

Now, there are few things one cannot experience in the dream but have experienced it in life, so many times.

Pains: Have you ever felt any pains in your dream? You may have, but I, I have not experienced such but have encountered so many pains in life.


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