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How this short story reached 100k views in less than 1 hour

How this short story reached 100k views in less than 1 hour
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There was a certain man who lived near the river. He was famously known because he had helped people a lot with his advises.

One day, something terrible happened to him, he didn’t know where to go for help, because he was the only one in the village who could bring solutions to problems.

But this time, it happened to the solution finder. He didn’t know what to do, as he tried to let go of every pain within him, but the more he tried to let them out, the more the pains increased its effects.

The man was so confused, in fact, he went mad for a couple of days. As good he was, he could try to help himself back to his normal lifestyle but he wasn’t 70% fine like how he used to be.

He couldn’t believe he lost his 15-year old daughter and his loving wife the same day, he tried to relate to the loss but they were too heavy.

Each time he remembered his daughter and wife, he goes mad. He called himself so many names, putting all the blames on himself and vowed never to forgive himself from this tragedy.

Days gone, he seems to have adapted a little to his previous lifestyle, as he could give advises to people who came to him, provided solutions to problems and he could even treat people’s sickness, just as how his wife was helping people.

A friend invited him to an event near the village, after so many thoughts on it, he decided to go with him, as he wouldn’t be doing anything at such moment.

When he reached there, he saw musicians, comedians, dancers and other class of people who are ready to perform at the event.

After music had been sung, dancers had performed theirs, then comedy has its turn to perform. The first comedian rushed to the stage and was ready to perform.

He gave his first joke to the audience, everyone there was laughing like there was nothing else behind them. Even laughter wasn’t enough, as some people were even shedding tears.

So the comedian waited for five more minutes, then cracked the same joke again. Only half of the audience laughed so hard again. He repeated the joke over and over until no one in the crowd laughed at his joke this time.

Then he came forward and said, I cracked a joke the first time, everyone here laughed. Second, third, fourth and so on but not a single person laughed for it.

So tell me, why do you always cry for the same problem every time you remembered it?

This question was direct to me, the widower said. He quickly rushed home, burnt down everything that belongs to his late wife and daughter but kept some things that would make him never to forget he once had a wife and a daughter.

Instead of thinking about his loss, he thought of the good memories he had with the both of them and that was how the man moved on to the next level of his life.

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