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There was a man who has a chicken as pet…..

There was a man who has a chicken as pet.....
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There was a man who lived in a lonely part of the village as he could not afford to live where he could see lovely people and luxuries around.

He was single as he was believing one day to meet his lifetime partner. But he wasn’t really alone, regardless of him searching for a partner, because he has a chicken pet.

Whatever he does, he always meets the chicken for luck and ideas. He loved the chicken so much, as he fed it more than it could eat a day.

While the chicken grows, it hears and sees how chickens were killed by their owners. So it believed one day, it going to be a meat to its owner.

Every morning, the chicken will ask the owner whether it is time to be served as meat, but the man will hold the chicken close and said, “no matter how hungry I am, I will never eat you.”

The chicken was little impressed because it knows its lifespan isn’t long. Even though my master doesn’t eat me, I will still die, the chicken said quietly in its mind.

A couple of months later, the chicken has become more familiar with its master as well as people around telling the man who his chicken looks so sweet and good.

The man laughed and said, “yes, because I trained it so much with care.”

Three days later, the chicken ran home as fast as it could. What is the matter? The master asked.

Some persons from different locations tried to catch and kill me, the chicken replied with fear all over its body.

“No. no one will ever hurt you,” the master said.

Four consecutive times, the chicken has encountered such threat. It has no options than to be bold enough to tell his master what has been bothering her.

“I understand you promised you won’t eat me, but right now I feel I can’t live much longer, with the threats from everyone around here,” the chicken told its master.

The master laughed and said, “I won’t eat you, although I have been tempted to do so, but I won’t because I made a promise.”

The chicken was disappointed, then walked into its cage.

Couple of days later, the threat increased. This time, it flew while running from people who wanted to kill her.
It reached home, told her master, “I want you to eat me now, I am truly happy with what I have decided. You have done enough for me, so I think you alone deserve to eat me.”

Master looked at it and said, “You are my pet, and I can’t eat my pet. So that’s it.”

The chicken shouted, “I will find peace in heaven if you’re the one who eats me. You have done enough for me, and I will forever be peaceful if you’re the last person I saw before giving it up.”

But the master insists on his promise and never gave two thoughts about it.

The chicken went out annoyingly.

Days went by, the chicken was still loyal, regardless of the hunt around the street. But the more the hunt, the weaker the chicken becomes.

To the extent, the chicken couldn’t run anymore. So many persons chased after the chicken, but the chicken didn’t run away because it has become weak and tired of running.

So the first to reach me eats me, the chicken said in its mind.

After the hunt, the chicken never returned home to its master.

A couple of days later, the master saw some feathers of its pet, and that was when he knew the chicken wasn’t just a pet but was a helper to the stomach as well.

“Wherever you are now, forgive me for not listening to you, I hope you find peace of mind,” the master said with tears all over his face.

Question: According to you, what do you think the chicken represents?

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