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There was a boy, from a rich home…. Story about Happiness

There was a boy, from a rich home.... Story about Happiness
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There was a boy of 15-year-old from a rich family. One certain day, his beloved Dad decided to take him to a country, where he could be opportune to show his son where and how poor people live.

So after a successful journey, they got to a farm where poor people stay and decided to stay there for a couple of days.

On their way to their own home, the rich dad asked his son if he loves the place and the trip.

Oh the trip? I super loved it, his son replied. Did you notice anything of how poor people live? If yes, tell me in details of the things you noticed, his Dad asked.

Yeah, I noticed things, his son replied. “We have just a dog, but I witnessed they have four of them. We have a swimming pool in the middle of our compound, but they have a river without any end.

At nights, we have lanterns while they have stars above their heads, They have the whole Horizon, while we have just a patio. We have a measured land, while they have an endless field. We buy our foods, while they grow theirs.

We have a high fence and a¬†gateman for protection, while they don’t have a single fence because their friends can do the protection.

After hearing this from his son, he was so shocked and lacked for words, as he stares at the horizon.

Then the boy said, “thank you, Dad, for letting me know how poor we are.”This story shows that the true

This is a story that shows the true wealth to happiness is not measured by materials things. Love, friendship and freedom are far more valuable.

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