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Touching Letter From An Hausa Guy To His Igbo Friend

Touching Letter From An Hausa Guy To His Igbo Friend
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Dear Chisom,

How are you at the moment? I hope you are fine. In fact I know you are fine, because it has not been long we saw each other. I could recall very well, back in the days when we were in the university, where we made our wishes, played together, broke some of the school laws, attending to lectures and practicals together. I really missed those great moments.

Nonetheless, my NYSC career wasn’t too good, because I was trying to live without you. To be honest friend, I really missed us together. Neglect those times I said sorts of rubbish concerning our friendship, I never meant such hideous words. Hehehe, do you remember that day when you almost forgot to submit your answer sheet, but ended up submitting your question paper? I guess it happened due to much stress in the exam hall. Well, I never wanted to take the glory that I reminded you about your answer sheet, but thanks for my presence that day.

I understand that it is very complex to secure a Job in Nigeria, however we would not give up until one of our wishes we made in the university comes through. Especially relevant, with the current situation in Nigeria I guess it would be more complex because our economy is going down. Media has it that, the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) has been one of the problems our economy is annihilating drastically. In other hand, this issue of divided economy was created due to bad government.

I understand that, the yelling of Biafra may come through one day. But you see, whichever that happens please do not forget me, due to this Biafra restoration. With the things happening in Delta State, please my dear friend, promise me that you won’t be yelling for war, because with the look of things, war seems to be coming through.

According to statistics, I understood that over 70% of the problems happening in the world today, its been caused by Muslims. But you see, Muslim is a nice religion, we are the children of peace, we believe in one love. Yelling for war won’t be the solution and one day I pray let the leaders understand this.

Those stresses, lectures, starvation, practicals, plays and reading we had together made me who I am today. With you I learnt lots of things, we fought for peace together, fought for justice and never allowed our religion to keep us away.

With my understanding, I know Biafra is at hand, regardless of the freedom fighter in the prison, I still see much spirits in you guys. Whatever that will happen after this restoration, please do not forget a friend like me. History has it that, Biafra was known before Nigeria, and with the betrayals of your people, we managed to win the war due to the surrender of arms.

My dear friend, I really wish I am part of your country, but you see, I will always be proud of my own country. I am proud of you, because you were never scared to discuss Biafra with me. What a friend you are. And if by any means, the Biafra restoration doesn’t come, then I must say I would love it the more.

So you see my friend, I think I will stop for now. But I want to let you know that, the Biafra restoration that is about to come will do the south-east and south-south so much favors, after few years of restoring of things as a new country. I will be proud to tell my family members that, some igbos are good because they have the same believe in their religion just as we have ours. Take care my friend, and good luck to your Job search.


_________________________________Yours Faithfully,

___________________________________Sani Ahmed.



Administrator: If you are Chisom, what will you reply Sani? I am already crying even.

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