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How Can I Prevent A Cancer?

How Can I Prevent A Cancer?
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There are so many ways to prevent a cancer. Many people on earth today, feel that being a cancer patient is a sign of bad luck, fate or gene hereditary. Well that might be true, but our hygiene, and lifestyle could give rise to a cancer as well, after a research was made in UK scientist.

How Can I Prevent A Cancer?

Damage of our DNA is highly caused by cancer. Things around our surrounding, chemicals that have source of cancer such as tobacco, and some of our lifestyle can as well cause damage to our DNA. When cancer is about to start, the damage on the DNA grows up over time.

How Can I Prevent A Cancer?

 Inherited Genes:

Cancer could actually happened, when you inherited a damaged DNA from your parents. With this damaged DNA, you are having a high risk of getting cancer, however, bad gene is a sponsor of cancer.

Ways On How To Prevent Cancer

♦ Avoid Smoking:

The process of smoking tobacco or any related property of tobacco gives rise to different categories of cancers. Study has it that, smoking tobacco leads to some cancers such as; pancreas, mouth, lung, throat, bladder, kidney, larynx, and cervix cancer. However, you might say you don’t smoke a tobacco, well that is a better way of avoiding these cancers listed above. But a secondhand smoke that enters into your system also does the same thing to you. So avoid a secondhand smoke as well, the rate of getting a cancer will fall drastically.

Eat Balance and Healthy Diets:

A good balance diets can’t give a 100% of cancer prevention, but a healthy diets can reduce risks of becoming a cancer patient. You are advised to eat more foods on vegetable and fruits. Beans and whole grains are good example of preferred food. Also, you should avoid eating foods with lots of calories.

♦ Be Physically Fit/Active:

Colon and breast cancer can be controlled with a daily workouts. By being fit, you are avoiding to be over weighted. Study also shows that, beings engaged with perfect exercises, tend to be free from lung, prostrate, breast, kidney and colon cancer.

♦ Avoid Lots Of Sunlight:

Research has it that, cancer of the skin is one of the common cancers in the world today. This might sound weird because, you have your daily schedules, But trying the tips below will help protecting the skin from skin cancer.

  • Avoiding sunlight from about 9 – 10am till 4pm will help protecting the skin from high light rays produced by the sun.
  • It is advisable to also wear sunglasses and a cap or hat that would cover the head and face properly from the sun.
  • Avoid bringing sunlamps closer to your skin, it also affects the skin.

♦ Watch Your Lifestyle:

Avoid any lifestyle that would lead you into some unprotected actions that might sponsor infections. Such lifestyles include;

  1. Unprotected Sex:

    It’s advisable for you to reduce the amount your sex partners, well using sex protections can help as well. Study shows that, the amount of different sex partners lead to high risk of getting anus cancer. HIV and HPV patients have more higher risks to get the cancer of the anus, lung and liver as well.

  2. Don’t Share Your Personal Items: 

    Sharing of your personal items, might be a road to different kinds of cancers. When an infected HIV user, share your personal use might end up sharing infections to you. hepatitis B and hepatitis C have been known as an agent that gives rise to cancer of the kidney.

♦ Seek For Medical Care:

A regular check up on your system helps to discover the cancer status in your body. If by any means gets infected, due to its early notice, your doctor would start a treatment that can be very effective. Note, breast, colon, cervix, and skin cancer can been seen early, this is an advantage of regular medical attention.

Nonetheless, prevention is better than cure. Preventing other kinds of diseases would not be too easy as to prevent yourself from cancers. With hard work, determination and persistence can make your dream come through. And also, your lifestyle does play a big role in the prevention of cancer. Change any lifestyle that sponsors any of the listed cancers above.


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