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10 Ways To Lead Your Relationship Into Marriage

10 Ways To Lead Your Relationship Into Marriage
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It is very important to know the difference between Love and Infatuation. I will just distinguish these two abstract nouns (Love and Infatuation) with a simple definition.

Infatuation simply means, having feelings or to inspire someone with unreasonable love. While Love simply means “An intense feeling of lots of affections, and cares towards another person.”

The definition above, simply differentiate the both of them. Many lovers today had made the wrong choice by going after infatuations instead of the real Love. Many lovers today had been heartbroken because, they fell for something that they thought was love.

However, there are still ways to know if your relationship is under infatuation or not. But in this article, I will only give out some ways in order to lead your love relationship into marriage.

It’s not how long you have stayed with your partner, but is how well you have known your partner. A three months relationship could be more perfect and mature than a five years relationship. Everything depends on how you control your relationship. I really recommend you guys to check out the 11 Ways To Build A Strong Relationship and, you can thank me later for this.

10 Ways To Lead Your Relationship Into Marriage

1. Be Smart enough to know what should be done, before you would be told or asked to do such.

2. An adage says “Silence is the best and only answer to a fool.” Tolerance should be one of the character you shouldn’t lack, when you are together with your partner.

3. You have to crush whatever that is bothering you totally. Maybe, your ex might seem to be more loyal and serious about you. This shouldn’t take away your mind and intentions with your current date. When you notice your partner has all you need, why then you still thinking on the fact to give your ex a second chance. The only way to crush this down is to go to your ex, and tell him all how much you love your current date. And if you think he would still persist, then tell him that you would die, if you don’t get married to him.

4. Words of encouragements shouldn’t be empty in your mouth. Just a sweet word in the very early in the morning, could go a very long way.

5. If there is just a bad character to avoid, then that should be the character of “comparison.” Try as much never to compare you partner to someone else, because this alone brings down the glory of him or her.

6. Temporary pains shouldn’t be a reason for you to leave the relationship. Remember, nothing good comes easily. The pains may be excruciating, but those who can subdue lots of pains in relationship, can do it more better in marriage.

7.  Learn how to be supportive, this character goes a long way. Before you would know it, your supportive mentality will do the best job so far. In marriage, being supportive helps matters a lot.

8. Never you plan or think to be a self-centered partner, nothing would annoy you so much, as when you’re snubbed by someone you truly love. Let your hygiene be excellent as well, because no one admires to be in a dirty environment.

9 It’s very hard to find a kind partner, if you have successfully found one, please do not let him or her go. Kindness is one of the qualities of being a real man or woman.

10. Above all you should love Jesus, because Love is God. When you prepare to love your partner, you are inviting the Almighty God into your relationship.

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