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Foods: Three Yam Benefits

Three Yam Benefits
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Africans get yam benefits more than any other continents in the world. According to statistics, it has been know that, Nigeria is the only country that produce an enormous amount of yam in a season. However, the Christians in Nigeria usually hold a festival ones in a year, they celebrate a successful harvest of the yams. Still in Nigeria, study has it that, the people found in the south and southeast of Nigeria consumes more yams, compared to the northern people who do plant and harvest this yam.
When we eat yam, we are likely to recover from any skin scratches or burns very fast. Yam also aids in providing good amount of vitamin B to our body.

Three Yam Benefits

1.) It Provides Vitamin B6: When we eat yam, the abundance of vitamin B6 help in crushing the homocysteine into smaller particles. High amount of this homocysteine causes the blood vessels to be damaged or loss its functions. The intake of yam helps us to be heart diseases free. When there is a huge amount of homocysteine in the body, regardless of the level of cholesterols present in the body, one can experience heart attack at any given time. Potassium is another yam benefits. The regular intake of potassium helps in reducing the risk of hypertension in our body. It has been known that, those who eats yam regularly finds it easy breath very well. It also helps in keeping the heart from attacks and diseases.

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2.) It Fights Against Skin Diseases: In most countries in Africa and Asian, yam has been used as a medicine to cure skin diseases. However, such diseases yam cures is the scratch and swelling of the skin, ulcer and few more.
3.) Abundance Of Antioxidants: When we eat yam, the presence of vitamin C and beta-carotene help in fighting off any skin or heart cancers. Still on the yam benefits, it is also a good food that, asthma patients will find this yam very useful.

All these are a few amount of yam benefits, below are the different kinds of ways to consume this yam.

Three Ways To Consume A Yam

1.) Fried Yam: Frying of yam is the easiest way of preparing yam. It is best used when you fry yam with vegetable oil.
2.) Boiling Of Yam: Boiling of yam is the most famous way to eat yam across the world. When you books the yam, the starch is being removed away. The toxic substance will be destroyed as we’ll. This type is usually carried out in the family with huge amounts of offsprings.

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3.) Roasting Of Yam: This is famously called bolle in Nigeria. In this kind of consumption, the cook will have to roast the yam on a little amount of fire till it is dried. It is best enjoyed when served along with oil mixed with utazi leafs.

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