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Nine Kinds Of Girls Guys Shouldn’t Date

Nine Kinds Of Girls Guys Shouldn't Date
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In this article, I will unleash nine kinds of girls guys shouldn’t date or get married to. It will be a shocking one to ladies and some guys, but it is the main fact, it is true, all you have to do is to change your ways if peradventure you fall to any of the kinds.
After I had two years of unsuccessful relationship, I sat back and reviewed myself to know if I was the cause of the failure in the relationship I was in, but after the review I noticed that the fault was not just from me alone, it was really from my partner.
After I attended a seminar long time ago on how to build a great relationship, no lies, I learnt a lot from them and after I practiced those things I learnt into my relationship, my life have never been the same. No fears, I will tell you such girls that will drain you down as a guy.

Nine Kinds Of Girls Guys Shouldn’t Date

1.) Girls That Love Luxuries: No doubt, I suffered a lot from my ex because she likes everything she sees on the way. Such girls do not get satisfied, no matter how hard you try. When you buy things for her, she will keep demanding more from the guy and by doing that, the guy will hardly save more income. When the girl notice that the guy isn’t bringing out money anymore then they would look on someone else and sometimes it may end up as a divorce. This is the kind of girls guys shouldn’t date at all.
2.) Girls Who Wear Make-ups A Lot: Personally, I bugbear girls that apply lots of make-ups because I see them as fake, self-centered and evil. When I say evil, I ain’t talking of witchcraft or Satan, have that in mind. According to research, it has it that most girls that apply make-ups are those who are likely to end up with bad guys. No good guys want to date a girl who dress to please the world instead of pleasing the heart that cares for her. Makeups chase good guys away, because such guys are scared of those kinds of girls. No doubts, guys shouldn’t date this kind of girls because they don’t add any value to your life
3.) How They Dress: This was one of the tips I learnt in the seminar I went. After I took time to analysed on this fact alone, I came to an understanding that many guys keep themselves far from such ladies that wears clothes that will show of their body. I know it’s a fashioned world but you don’t have to let the fashion decide how you will become. Dress alone, describes who you are. No guy wants to be disgraced, and such guys won’t go a long way to such girls that find it difficult yo wear clothes that will make them uncomfortable.
4.) Too Social: I hate this so much, I hate it when girls claim social as part of their life. Avoid such girls that hug guys in your presence, give a guy a kiss of their chick. Such girls are likely to be a Heartbreaker someday.
5.) Girls Who Double Date: I don’t have to say much on this because no one wants to share their partner with someone else.
6.) If Her Phone Is Always On Silent: I call such girls like this evildoers, I don’t like them at all. When a guy goes out on a date with their partner, such girls will always be uncomfortable with the guy because she is getting distractions from the calls.
7.) Avoid Girls That Pretend: Be careful whenever your girl behave too righteous whenever the come to your place. When they make calls in your presence, they pretend to be talking to their uncle, brother or father. Avoid such girls so you may have the space to welcome a good girl.
8.) Girls that Smoke And Drink Alcohol: Oh my goodness, I won’t accept that a guy would still date such girls like this. Girls that smoke and drink are like killers that pretends to be live givers.
9.) Club Girls: I strongly advice you to stop any relationship you are having with a club girl. They might kill you or do something bad to you whenever you failed to do what they don’t want you to do.
10.) Girls Who Hates Instructions: Stop it now! If your girlfriend always question your statement, have it in mind that the girl do not love you at all. Such girls will never be comfortable with you, she will always tends to fight you whenever an argument rises.

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