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4 Reasons Why Your Guy Might Dump You

4 Exposed Reasons Why Your Guy Might Dump You

In this article, I brought out the 4 exposed reasons why your guy might dump you.
When you are in a relationship, there must be an atom of temptation. It may either be, temptation of playing games or whatever. The main point is that, if your guy notice these 3 reasons in you, then I believe your guy might dump you for another lady.

4 Exposed Reasons Why Your Guy Might Dump You

1.) You Are Never Satisfied: “When I was in my early 30’s, I used to know a girl. Whatever she request from me, I will always do it for her and whenever I did those things, she will still ask for more. To be honest, I do spend about #30,000 on her in less than a month. I don’t like such ladies in my life, and if my wife ventures develop that character, I promise to divorce or dump her.” – Ebuka Jackson.
According to research, girls that never get contented are girls that can never get married to a responsible man.
Tips: You can change this character only if you decide not to be carried away by the things you see on the way.
You can also beat this character if only you start thinking about the future. Study has it that, those who believe in the future always keep things on the presence.
2.) Lack Of Management: “My ex girlfriend always tell her friends that I am a very greedy man. I was very mad at her when I heard that. How would you be happy with such girls that do not know the value of money. Whenever I give her money to prepare food or any other thing, she will never return the balance to me and the worst part of it is that whenever she want something that is very cheap even, she will still insists I should give her money. I can’t continue to live with a lady like her or any ladies that possessed that character.” – Emeka John.
Tips: No doubt, I hate such girls too. The good news there is that, there are two ways to get rid of the bad habit. Firstly, whenever you want money from your guy, always make a scale of preference (I.e a list of things you need to buy and a total of everything) by doing this, then you are rest assured of not keeping or spending his money recklessly.
Secondly, do not ask him for money on irrelevant things. You mustn’t get everything on earth.
3.) S*x Addict: “In a relationship, I know s*x is part of love. But when you start making love to a particular lady almost everyday, then there will be no more affections for her. As I am talking to you sir, whenever I sleep with a girl I said I love, believe me, I will always find a problem that will make us divorce because I have already gotten what I wanted.” – Sam Joe
Tips: Whenever night comes, always have the mind to say no to your guy. You shouldn’t say no to him always, but you should make him understand that your body is your pride. Remember, the more you give out, the less you take.
Secondly, do not tempt him whenever the both of you are sleeping. If possible give him dates that you guys can actually have fun. But I advice you, let the dates be about 2 to 3 weeks.
4.) Duplicating Yourself: “Naturally, before I plan to woo a girl, there must be an atom of reason to do that. I may like a girl because of her beautiful voice, body, or hair while I may like her on how she walks. But along the line, she starts behaving like other girls in the street, then I have no other options than to chase her doppelgänger.” – Felix Dede
Tips: When God created us, he made us differently because we all have a different gifts. If you chose to behave like miss A or B, then you are likely telling your guy to choose one among the three of you. When you start wearing makeups, your guy might see someone who applies that same makeups more than you and end up going after them. All you have to do is to be yourself, remember the most expensive product in this world is the product without alternatives. If you are applying makeups like miss A, please stop it! Or your man might dump you and go after other ladies.
Dear ladies, if you found yourself in any of the categories I just unleashed above, then I am afraid to tell you that, your guy might dump you soon. All you have to do is to pay critical attention to our tips, they may be of help, who knows.


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