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How Can I Cure Catarrh?

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You can cure catarrh in so many ways. It is no surprise anymore because we are into the season of contacting cough and catarrh and cold even. We may contact cough or catarrh due to much cold or dust. Here in Nigeria, everyone thought that harmattan has ended its pressure during Christmas period but with a surprise to everyone, it came back in January and even stronger than it was in November and December. Catarrh can be originated when the mucus has been built-in the throat and nose then after that, it sometimes comes with chesty coughs. However, you can get rid of these cold and catarrh with our few methods below.

How Can I cure Catarrh
How Can I cure Catarrh?

Easy Steps To cure Catarrh And Cough

1.) Wash Mouth With Warn Salt Water: This method helps a lot and you can make this at home by adding up to half a teaspoon if salt into a cup contained of warm water. Shake the cup in order for the salt to mix with the warm water very well and then you can take a mouthful of the water and rinse your mouth for about 60 seconds and then pour away. Please do not swallow such water. This method is very effective because the salt contains antibacterial materials and can reduce inflammation in your throat.

2.) Take Garlic Tea: By drinking garlic tea, it helps in increasing your immune system and also helps in giving the nose a free air flow. You can make this garlic tea at home by getting a three or four pieces of garlic, required amount of water and required amount of honey. Crush the garlic with a flat surface of steel and add it into the warm water and bring them to a boil. After the water has boil for 10 minutes then allow the water to cool, after that you will add the honey into the cup and drink to require amount.
If this process is complex you can as well eat the garlic raw. These two methods work the same.

3.) Make And Drink Mullein Tea: By drinking this mullein tea, it helps in reducing the mucus in your chest and at the same time it will reduce the congestion in your chest. You can make the mullein tea by bringing the dried leaves of the mullein and put it into a pot and simmer for 10 minutes and allow to cool, you can add honey as well in order to sweetens the tea.


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